My Libido Enhancers Reviews

Hi, my name is Clayton Forus and I suffered with vaginal dryness and low sex drive for years. I tried 9 different libido enhancement products until I find 2 products that was worth of my time and money.

This site is for all you ladies, suffering as I was. I hope my advices and reviews will help you overcome this stage of your life and don’t get scammed as I was with useless products.

Good Luck to you!


Sorted by How they actually WORKED.


spanish-fly-pro#1 – Spanish Fly Pro

It works like champ. No daily dosage and waiting months to see results. You just use it, and you feel it

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#2 – Spanish Fly Love

Looks great, but it’s not the one.  First time I used it, it worked great. After that… But it’s worth of try!
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provestra#3 – Provestra

I think the best PILLS out there. If you are pro-pills, you should definitely give the Provestra a try.

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hersolution-Gel-3#4 – HerSolution Gel

Not pill, not drops. This time Gel that you can apply right on the spot. Claims many pros, I didn’t find them.

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hersolution#5 – HerSolution Pills

It’s, from the same manufacturer as the above mentioned HerSolurion Gel. And.. The Gel is better.

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extenze-women#6 -Extenze for Women

We are getting lower and lower. Extenze has a lots of fans. I am not one of them.

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Vigorelle1#7 – Vigorelle

I was a big fan of Vigorelle when I read about it online. But then I tried it and ended disappointed once again.

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Zestra#8 – Zestra

One of the very first libido enhancers I eve bought online. And one of the reason why I made this sites.

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K-Y Intense#9 – K-Y Intense

It look’s just right. The ingredients and dosage is fine too. Why it just can’t work as it should…

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Lyriana#10 – Lyriana

Another pills. I used them for months with no positive effects what so ever. Maybe I am the problem?

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Avlimil#11 – Avlimil

Ok we are at the very bottom of my list. You must be as desperate as I was… I know the feeling.

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Why I Review Libido Enhancers?

We all know how it is. You got some problem so you automatically go to the net and seek for solution. I was no an exception, when I experienced low libido and vaginal dryness. Especially when the topic is as private as mine was, you don’t really want to talk with anybody face-to-face about it, do you?

I used like everything...

I used like everything…

Internet is a great place to find products and solutions to like all the problems you could possibly have. The real problem is to not get fooled and tricked by salesmen and marketers, trying to sell their products. And of course, they got me.

I found this great product, I read the whole website, even all the reviews and testimonials. It all sounded just about right, so I didn’t wait a long to order it. Then the disappointment came in place. I tried it once with no effect, then again and again. I contacted the seller to help, he even did not reply me back. Basically I should be glad I at least got the product and he just didn’t run away with my money.

However my problems didn’t go anywhere, so I was back online, trying new products.

Not all products came all right...

Not all products came all right…

After hundreds of dollars and countless hours of research spend on another products I told myself I need to put this on the internet and let people know how it really is. I can’t say all the products are useless, I even found one or two that I am really satisfied with, but I also find several merchants that even don’t bother to answer people emails or calls.

It’s all here and you can read it. I am just looking at my desk full of wide range of libido enhancement products and thinking if anybody will actually read my words. But if they help just one girl don’t get scammed, I am glad I wrote all this 🙂