We know that you probably want to have a boyfriend an everything, however, before you hurry into a relationship, you should realize that it is even more important to love yourself first. Only that way can you really give to your partner what they deserve. But, let´s have a look at some reasons that will persuade you to try it!

  1. You have to love yourself in order to believe that you are worthy of the love that you want to receive, right? Otherwise, your relationship will not be good.
  2. If you learn how to love yourself you will not be finding yourself in self-doubt.
  3. If you are not happy with yourself, you will never be happy with anyone. You will always be looking for something else and that will only learn your relationship.
  4. You will think your relationship more stable once you learn how to love yourself.
  5. You will be insecure. All the time. You will be incredibly jealous thinking that your partner cheats on you, because well, why shouldn´t he?
  6. Only when you learn to love yourself will you learn to forget about your unfortunate relationships.