As us girls know, life is not always the way we imagine it to be. It sometimes is weird and even awkward. But there is not much we can do about it, is there? Well, you cannot prevent bad things from happening. That is what I have learned. Some things are simply bound to happen in your life, no matter what you do. However, you can improve some things! And that is something you need to focus on. This applies to everything!

It does not matter whether it is your job, or your past, or your personal life. Stop thinking about undoing things that cannot be undone! Accept them, and try to get the best of them. Never give in. Because that is something I have learnt when the loss of libido happened.

I did not know what actually was going on. I did not know the cause and it quite scared me. But gradually, I became less interested in sex, until I became uninterested in any sexual activity. I felt unattractive and my boyfriend did not understand what was going on. I had no idea what to do, but I knew something needed to be done.


You see, the problem was that I did not know what caused by sudden loss of libido. So naturally, I tried to find out. And of course I came across various possibilities, until I found something that could actually be the reason why my libido disappeared. Here are some of the basic causes of loss of libido that may also be your cause of the problem:

  1. birth-control pills – I bet that you have already heard this and I bet that some of you maybe deny to believe it, however, it is true! Loss of libido can be cause by this form of contraception. So, perhaps you might consider looking for a different form? This was partly my cause of the problem, although I did not want to admit it. But once I stopped taking the pills, things started to get a lot better.
  2. stress – if you have a lot of things going on in your life and you are too stressed, well, you cannot expect things to be going well in your sexual life. Stress is very dangerous, so do not underestimate it. Find a way of relieving it and your sex life will get better. Do yoga! That helped me a lot!
  3. things are always the same – there is no passion. Nothing exciting. You are so used to each other that you actually are not so excited and not even willing to try new things. Well, this has to change!
  4. you are not satisfied – the problem may be that your partner just do not know what you want. The communication is low and you find it difficult to share your fantasies. Well, you have to do something about it if you want your sex life to be awesome!

So, personally, once I found out what the cause of my low libido was, things got better. And I hope that things will also get better for all of you! Just keep trying and working on your relationship. That is the most important thing!