Even though love hurts, there are still things you can learn about it. And you actually learn more and more with every heartbreak. It is a painful way of learning, but it will definitely keep you from hurting yourself in your next relationship.

So, here are the things that one can learn:

  1. You will learn about your type. Of course, we have a type. There is no doubt about it. And the more you date the better you will get at picking the guys you actually might be interested in.
  2. You will learn that lose is not easy. It is complicated. And that a real relationship is not always perfect. People sometimes argue, that is a fact, but that does not really matter.
  3. You will learn to know yourself. You will begin to understand your needs and your priorities. And that is only good!
  4. You will learn that love is important and there is no point in living without it. Am I right?
  5. You will not be proud anymore. And you will learn that even you have to apologize sometimes.

Love, is simply awesome and everyone deserves to get to know it, right?