The biggest problem of every woman who suffers domestic violence, is that she is unable to see the signs. The warning signs of the fact the relationship she is in is in fact abusive. And we are not only talking about physical abuse. But we also mean emotional abuse which can be even worse. Especially because it is not as easy to spot it.

So, what are the signs that women should watch out for? Well, here is a list:

  1. If he tells you that he loves you on a first date. Well, this is actually not romantic as you may think, but a little scary. We are not saying that it is certain, but you should be careful.
  2. Isolation from friends and family. It will not happen all of a sudden. But slowly. At first, you will be happy that he wants to spend all of his time with you. It will be later when you realize that you no longer have friends to talk to.
  3. Tracking your moves. In a relationship, you can do things on your own. Remember that.
  4. If he is threatening you with killing himself, just run. They will not do it.
  5. Causing you pain. Like physical pain. Even if it is not that serious, it always is. Your partner should not squeeze you. Unless you want it.
  6. If he is blaming you, even though you are not aware of being the one to blame, just pack your things and go.
  7. Controlling your money. Again, if you are earning money, it means that you can buy whatever you want.

Do not let this go too far. Just leave before it is too late! And do not worry to speak up. People will help you, they just have to know what is wrong.