Female libido enhancers come in various forms. And of course, it is only up to every woman to choose the form of a libido enhancer that she prefers. But is any libido enhancer better of worse? Well, let´s talk about Provestra. A libido enhancer in form of pills. Are they the best solution for your low libido or not?

Well, let´s see. If you like pills and are comfortable with taking them regularly, then it should be a good product for you. But should you really rather take this product than use drops or a gel? Well, what can be the disadvantage of using pills?


Well, the thing it that these pills do not work instantly. Unlike the drops of gel which can help turn your boring night into a great sexual adventure. And, they can be mixed with a drink, any drink. So basically, you can drink your wine with a few drops of aphrodisiac and not even realize that you are having an aphrodisiac. While when it comes to pills, well, it is not everbody´s favourite part to have to swallow a pill. And wait for the pill to start working.

Plus, you can take drops when you want them, but you have to take pills every day. And that is probably not something everyone wants.

But of course, I am not trying to tell you that pills are not worth using. I mean, the choice is yours, just make sure that you consider all the facts before you decide! Choose the product that suits you best!