Even today, people are still not comfrotable talking about sex.

Although we all feel that it is absolutely okay to be able to talk about it openly, many people have problems with it. And it does not even matter what others tell them. It is still weird to talk about sexual pleasure. But is it okay? Should it be that way?

Well, for sure, it is not. Why should anyone feel bad talking about sex? Well, of course, I do not mean all the time. But being ashamed of sharing your fantasies with your own husband is probably not good for your relationship.


Let me explain to you why you should be able to talk about sex with your partner. You know, you need to realize that sexual pleasure if your right. You are entitled to being able to enjoy sex. And there is nothing people can do about it.

Do not listen to those who tell you that sex is something you have to do because that is not true! Sex is something you should enjoy doing. And if you are not enjoying it then it is time to change that. Seriously!

You see, you need to do something about your inability to talk openly to your partner about sex. But you need to tkae things slowly. So, start by opening a bottle of wine and sharing something. It does not have to be too daring, it can be just a simple thing. Just tell him what you like about him and ask him what he likes about you. You can let other things for some other time. Just be careful, you know, your partner may also be stressed, and you will not help it if you push him too hard.

But just do not let yourself get discouraged! You are in charge of your own sex life and only you can make it better! So do not hesitate.