71XnTbHqBUL._SX355_ I’ve been struggling with feeling sexually satisfied for a long time, but I would even be okay ‘living’ with that if I had a desire for sex in the first place. I’ve been married for several years, and unfortunately, our marriage has lacked passion for quite awhile now.

Thankfully, it hasn’t yet seeped into other aspects of our relationship, but I can tell that the tension is there, and I’ve been worried it will only grow if my husband and I can’t find the connection we need, physically and intimately.

Optimistic Whenever I Get a Chance to Try New Product

tumblr_lz5wj2LUNE1rnq6zbo1_500I began my search for help a few months ago, and since then it has been a roller coaster of trial and error, but I’m still optimistic whenever I get a chance to try new products, like last time I tried Vigorelle. Thankfully, the Internet usually gives me a pretty good idea on what is safe, etc., so lately I’ve been geared toward products that are meant to boost sexual desire naturally, and effectively. That’s what led me to Zestra.

Zestra is a simple combination of herbal extracts and plant oils, which got me really excited! After all, it doesn’t get much more natural than that. These herbal ingredients are meant to work as aphrodisiacs and sex drive boosters. It was nice to know that even if nothing happened, I likely wouldn’t experience any negative side effects.

I Couldn’t Feel a Difference at All

51gq0Yg4GRL._SX300_Unfortunately, that ‘nice’ knowledge didn’t seem so enticing when my fears came true, and Zestra didn’t do very much. I’m not sure if I just need a stronger product formula, or Zestra itself just isn’t for me, but I couldn’t feel a difference at all. Zestra claims to start working in five minutes, and its effects last up to an hour, including a boost in sexual desires, and natural vaginal lubrication.

I was excited to experience that sexual desire after taking it. But, after five minutes, I didn’t feel any different. I didn’t feel a difference after 10, 20, or 30 minutes, either, and by the time that hour had passed, I hadn’t noticed a single change in my energy, mood, or desire.

Results with Zestra Were Completely Lackluster

The results I experienced with Zestra were completely lackluster. With other products, for example Spanish Fly Pro, I’ve tried, there at least has been some type of sensation, but unfortunately, Zestra was completely lacking in the promises it made, and I’ve never tried it since.

I know there has to be a better natural product on the market that actually performs well with the claims it make, and isn’t just a ‘fancy marketing scheme.’ Zestra wasn’t for me, and I wouldn’t likely recommend it to anyone looking to increase their sexual arousal.