ProvestraHaving struggled with a low libido and complete lack of sexual desire for years, I knew it was time to finally take control of my sex life. I never wanted my marriage to start suffering not only because I can’t give my husband what he wants, but because I can’t enjoy sex for myself, either.

Being physical and intimate with your partner is an important part of any relationship, and we have definitely been missing out on that over the years. So, in an effort to fix that ongoing problem, I began looking for the best sexual enhancement products on the market, like last month I tried Lyriana.

Product Has Been Out on the Market for about Four Years

provestra-safe-300x188My search led me to Provestra fairly quickly, as a product that has been out on the market for about four years, and is an oral tablet, rather than the gels and creams I kept stumbling upon. That alone was promising to me, as I felt it would be more effective and work quicker. Provestra also boasted to be all natural, using ingredients like ginger root, ginseng, and folic acid, along with several different vitamins.

I think it was the vitamins that improved my overall mood a few days after I started taking Provestra, but that, unfortunately, is the only good thing I can say about it, and doesn’t have anything to do with an increase in sexual desire. As far as an increased libido or desire to have sex, Provestra simply didn’t work for me, making me wonder if its combination of natural ingredients is better suited as some kind of dietary supplement, rather than a sexual enhancement pill.

Several Occasions While I Was Taking Provestra

provestra-2Provestra claims to take awhile to kick in, but ‘awhile’ seemed to be indefinitely for me. There were several occasions while I was taking Provestra, that I actually did engage in sex with my husband, thinking if Provestra didn’t make me want to have sex, maybe it would make sex itself more enjoyable. Unfortunately, I was wrong there, too.

I didn’t enjoy the experience at all, and couldn’t tell a single difference in the way I felt or how my body reacted. At one point, we even had to stop because it was just not doing anything for me, and I found it unpleasurable overall. This still kills me, and I can see the disappointment in my husband’s eyes, even though he’s trying to be supportive.

It Simply Didn’t Have the Strong Effects

81nSgVy4Q2L._SY355_I had high hopes for Provestra and it’s natural blend of ingredients, but it came up short for me, and it seems no matter how long I wanted for it to kick in, it simply didn’t have the strong effects it claimed to have. Next time, I have to try something little bit different, maybe Spanish Fly Pro, but I don’t know yet.