Lyriana-Libido-PillsI’ve been searching for a product for quite awhile now, that would give me the boost of energy and sexual desire I want. While I’ve been married for several years, that doesn’t mean I have an active sex life, but I would like to! So much so, in fact, that it was my frustration with my own lack of desire that caused me to begin my research in the first place.

After trying gels (for example HerSolution Gel), creams, and more, I decided I needed to try something completely different, and nothing that would need to be applied topically, since obviously those products weren’t working for me.

That’s When I Found Lyriana

I was so excited to make this discovery, and instantly started reading great reviews about the product and its special blend of ingredients, including Maca and L-Arginine, which are supposed to create a healthy balance within the mind and body to trigger libido and sensitivity in the vaginal area by increasing blood flow.

Lyriana-Libido-enhancement-supplement-180x3001Needless to say, with glowing reviews and such promising effects, I was very intrigued by the product, and couldn’t wait to try it once it was delivered. It is FDA-compliant, which at the very least made me feel good about my overall safety, knowing I would likely not experience any negative effects. What I didn’t expect, however, was not to feel any effects at all. I used it for two weeks straight, and according to the product website, I should have began feeling its effects within the first few days – unfortunately, I didn’t feel a thing.

Positive Thing about Lyriana Is the Slight Boost of Energy

The most positive thing I can say about my experience using Lyriana is the slight boost of energy I had throughout the day, but it had absolutely nothing to do with sexual desire or an increased libido, and sometimes I wondered if that energy boost was just in my head because I wanted the product to work so badly. During sex itself, I did not feel an increase in lubrication, or any extra sensitivity due to increased blood flow.

I Didn’t Feel Anything from the Product

lyriana_pillsI was extremely disappointed in Lyriana, especially after hearing such great things about it and its properties. Personally, I didn’t feel anything from the product, and it didn’t boost my libido or make sex more enjoyable for me in any way.

While I do like the fact that I can take it in tablet form, rather than a gel I have to rub on, I’ll keep looking for other products, next time I will try Zestra or Extenze Women. For now, I can’t say I would recommend Lyriana to anyone looking to boost their sexual desires or enjoy sex itself.