6a00e550913f3688330120a7b31ab8970b-800wi When you don’t experience arousal, even though you desperately want to, it can get very frustrating, very quickly. The desire to have sex doesn’t necessarily need to come hours before. If it’s hard for you to experience, even having it minutes before sex can be a welcomed change, and provide intense relief, excitement, and enjoyment.

After looking for a long time for something that could give me that arousal, even just before or during sex, I came across K-Y Intense. My husband actually suggested I look for Avlimil, but then he discovered K-Y Intense, after seeing a commercial on television advertising it. I know he wants me to be able to enjoy sex as much as I do, so I followed up with his suggestion and began my research on the product.

K-Y is a well known brand

c26-B001P5HAJ8-1-sEverything looked extremely promising when it came to using K-Y Intense. K-Y is a well known brand, and their products have sold extremely well both online and in stores. The only thing that initially concerned me was the list of ingredients.

K-Y Intense doesn’t really focus on using natural ingredients, but rather several chemical ingredients that come together to create the sexual desire and pleasurable intensity that comes from using the gel. Still, I had tried a few natural products beforehand with little to no positive results, so I figured it couldn’t hurt to try something a bit more ‘unnatural’ from a reputable brand.

I should have stuck with the natural products

Unfortunately, I should have stuck with the natural products. It was only after I used K-Y Intense for the first time that I discovered its main ingredient, Propylene Glycol, is used in antifreeze for your car. That was a scary thought considering I was applying it directly to my vagina, and just solidified that I’ll never be using it again.

prt_320x180_1369713369It wasn’t a difficult decision to make, not using K-Y Intense again. I followed the directions from the brand, rubbing the gel directly onto my vagina, where it is supposed to go to work providing sensitivity and warmth to the area, which is supposed to increase arousal and natural lubrication, which I could find with HerSolution Gel too.

I cannot personally say that I felt any increase in sensitivity. The only thing that happened to me was a slight burning sensation. It wasn’t painful, but it certainly didn’t get me ‘in the mood,’ and by that point I was so discouraged that something I had been so confident in just flat-out didn’t work.


I can only share my negative experience here

Maybe K-Y Intense works under different circumstances, but I can only share my negative experience. If you want to boost your sexual desire and increase your libido, or simply just enjoy the act of sex itself, I would not recommend K-Y Intense.