Hersolution-Product-Image When it comes to products that are meant to increase sexual arousal, I feel as though I’ve tried (or am still trying) everything. That being said, I’m also still open to trying everything in order to take control of my sex life.

I haven’t found myself horny or turned on in a very long time, and unfortunately, it’s started to affect my overall relationship. I want to be able to make my husband happy, but I also want to be able to actually enjoy sex as much as any other woman. I can’t help but feel as though I’m missing out on something wonderful, so my search continues for the perfect libido enhancer.

HerSolution Pills are Designed to Increase Sexual Desire and Appetite

HerSolution-Gel-I purchased the HerSolution Pills shortly after trying the gel (you can read here my HerSolution Gel review) that often is paired with it. When the gel didn’t work on its own, I thought perhaps combining it with the pills would really do amazing things. After all, the gel was made to increase sensation and lubricate the vagina.

The HerSolution Pills are actually designed to increase sexual desire and appetite, which is what I’ve always been most interested in doing. I read several reviews on the pills, and they seemed safe, containing ingredients like Niacin for energy, and Ginko Biloba to increase blood flow throughout the body.

You Have to Take a Pill Every Single Day

hersolution2The first, and possibly the biggest downfall that came immediately with HerSolution Pills is how long you have to wait to fully feel the effects. They recommend you use a combination of the pills and the gel for 90 days to really reap the rewards of both products. It wasn’t easy for me to remember to take a pill every single day, and it became even more discouraging when throughout the 90 days, I didn’t experience any significant changes.

I thought the effects might be gradual, and I would have been excited to notice any small changes along the way. Unfortunately, those changes never came, and after three months, I found myself in the same predicament I was in before I started – only with two products that didn’t work, instead of one. I will have to try anything else, you can check my review about Extenze Women.

Pills Didn’t Do Anything for My Sexual Appetite

IMG_2326-e1412183437401Where the gel, at the very least, provided a warming sensation when used, the pills didn’t do anything for my sexual appetite, even well after three months of taking them. Unfortunately, even the natural energy-boosting ingredients didn’t seem to make a difference.

My energy actually seemed to decrease the more frustrated I got with the product, and it turned me off to sex even more than usual. Whether on its own, or combined with the gel, I can’t recommend using HerSolution Pills when it comes to increasing your sex drive.