hersolution-Gel-3When it comes to my sex life, I’ve been willing to try just about anything to ‘rev it up.’ Not only do I feel bad for my husband, who has been understanding, but I’m a vibrant young woman, and I want to be able to actually enjoy sex.

There are times when I’ve felt simply abnormal because I just don’t get horny or aroused, I don’t often think about sex, and if my husband tries to initiate it, I find myself turning away, or giving in just to make him happy. I know he doesn’t want that kind of sex life, and neither do I. I think sex is an important part in any relationship, and there’s nothing more I want than to enjoy sex and feel a closer physical bond with my partner.

I’m Not Alone in my Struggle with Arousal

hersolution-gel-product-imageSo, my search on the Internet continued (you can read my previous review of Provestra) – I figured if anything was going to be able to help, I’d be able to find it online with the guidance and reviews of others in my situation. Luckily, I quickly found out that I wasn’t alone in my struggle with arousal.

After browsing through many different products that claimed to increase sexual arousal and sexual appetite, I stumbled upon HerSolution Gel. HerSolution also came as a sort of ‘combo pack’ with both gel and pills, but for now I opted for the gel to try it out. From what I could tell, it had decent reviews, and many women had experienced some success with it.

It Wasn’t Exactly What I Wanted when I Ordered It

hersolution-comWhat I quickly found out upon receiving my HerSolution Gel, however, was that those effects wouldn’t kick in right away unless you had the HerSolution Pills to go with it. The HerSolution Gel isn’t technically made to increase sexual appetite, it’s designed to be applied directly to the vaginal area, to increase lubrication and overall sensation.

While it wasn’t exactly what I wanted when I ordered the product, I still thought I would give it a try, hoping that if it increased the pleasant sensations enough during sex, maybe it would have me wanting more later on.

My Husband and I Were Disappointed with the Results of the Gel

HerSolution-Gel-Unfortunately, both my husband and I were disappointed with the results of the gel alone. I can’t say that it ‘hurt’ anything in trying it, but it also didn’t help. The only difference I could tell was a slight warming sensation, but there are many products that can do that, so it was certainly nothing special.

We tried it several times, only to experience similar lackluster results. Unfortunately, the gel was also very liquidy and runny – not like a ‘sturdy’ gel at all, which made for a bit of a mess that was annoying to clean up the next day. Of course, I’ll stay on my hunt for the perfect product when it comes to increasing my sexual arousal (I will try probably K-Y Intense next time), but unfortunately, I didn’t find what I was looking for in the HerSolution Gel.