boxshot I have been wanting to enjoy sex for a long time. Along with that, I’ve been wanting to feel a hunger for sex, and a desire to share it with my husband. Unfortunately, that desire hasn’t been present for me for longer than I can even remember.

I want to be able to make my physical relationship better, but I also want to be like everyone else who gets to enjoy sex, and actually wants it. After doing plenty of research online, it was comforting to know I’m not alone, and there are plenty of products that can help. However, it’s finding the right product that can be the real problem.

ExtenZe Has Been Around for Quite Awhile in the Male Market

I’ve tried gels and creams (you can read my review of Vigorelle), pills (last week I tried Lyriana) and other applicants, but so far, nothing has worked the way I really wanted/expected it to. When I backed off on the research for awhile, something actually came to me for a change, and I saw a commercial on television for Women’s ExtenZe.

When I told my husband about it, he joked that ExtenZe is a product for men, and until recently, it was, popular in the male market as a natural penis enhancer. But, with this new product specifically-designed for women, I was intrigued. ExtenZe has been around for quite awhile in the male market, so maybe they were on to something.

Unfortunately, I Couldn’t Have Been More Wrong

women-extenze-thumbYou can order Women’s ExtenZe online, but I actually picked it up at my local box store pharmacy. It comes in a packet with pills, and claims to be as natural as taking a daily vitamin. The first thing that was a bit unsettling about the product was the lack of active ingredients listed anywhere on the packaging. I did a little research on the ExtenZe website, and only found that they claim Women’s ExtenZe is made from natural ingredients that balance out hormones, but they wouldn’t say which ingredients.

Absolutely No Change in My Mindset

women-extenzeThat’s the main pull for ExtenZe; the ability to balance female hormones in such a way that it increases their desire for sexual activity. For me, ExtenZe didn’t really do anything an actual vitamin wouldn’t do.

I will admit that I felt a bit more energy throughout the day when I took it, but there’s also a chance that could be a placebo effect, since I really wanted this product to work. When it came to sexual desire, however? There was absolutely no change in my mindset. I still didn’t want to have sex, and sex itself wasn’t a very enjoyable experience for me.

Stay Away from Women’s ExtenZe

While traditional ExtenZe for men might stay on the market for a long time, and may even work wonders, I would stay away from Women’s ExtenZe and it’s virtually empty results.