300Searching for products that can help boost your sex drive and increase your overall appetite for sex can feel overwhelming at times. With so many products on the market, it’s hard to know where to start.

After struggling for so long to actually enjoy sex with my husband, and long for it at that, I decided I needed to start changing the way I looked at female libido enhancers. I hadn’t had much luck with any particular product (for example I tried HerSolution Pills), so I decided to go the natural route, and look for products that only had natural ingredients in their overall activation.

Made from Natural Ingredients

avlimil-old-packageIn looking for arousal enhancers with natural ingredients, I discovered Avlimil. The active ingredients in Avlimil are things like sage, raspberry leaf extract, ginger, and cayenne pepper. While there are a few other key ingredients, I was immediately intrigued by the fact that not only could I pronounce all the ingredients in Avlimil, but I knew what they were, and used some of them in my cooking everyday. The best part about ordering Avlimil was the feeling of safety, knowing it was made from all natural ingredients.

Product Is Designed to Boost Energy and Increase Blood Flow

Avlimil_LogoWhile I haven’t yet given up on the natural products, I’ve unfortunately given up on Avlimil. The product is designed to boost energy and increase overall blood flow, thereby increasing natural arousal. Unfortunately, after taking the tablets for two weeks, as suggested, I didn’t feel any different. My energy levels stayed the same, and I certainly wasn’t in the mood for sex any more than I had been before.

Avlimil Is Targeted More Toward an Older Female

avlimilI later discovered that Avlimil is targeted more toward an older female audience who have already been through menopause. I still have quite awhile before I have to deal with that, so maybe I just wasn’t the right candidate for this particular solution, but in experiencing absolutely no effects from Avlimil, I can’t imagine it would do anything extremely beneficial for any woman, no matter their age.

Never Turned On or Sexually Aroused with Avlimil

At the very least, with topical solutions, there is typically some increased sensation during sex, but because it’s just a tablet designed for sexual desire, Avlimil fails in that department as well. I was never turned on or sexually aroused, nor did any natural lubrication occur with a hunger for sex. In fact, I was so disappointed in the product not working, it actually turned my off to even having sex for my husband’s sake for a couple weeks.

Ultimately, I was extremely let down by the product, and wouldn’t recommend it to any woman trying to increase her sexual appetite. Well next time I will try Spanish Fly Love, I hope, that I will more lucky!