Perhaps you truly believe that your relationship is onto something. But, should you really believe that the things your boyfriend is doing mean something more? Well, do not let yourself get fooled and watch out! The truth may be different. Anyway, if you want to know whether he is lying or not, check out this list of things that may seem like signs of commitment when they are not:

  1. When he lets you wear his sweatshirt. Well, the reason may be simple: he thinks you look hot in it.
  2. He buys you dinner. Perhaps he buys dinner to more girls.
  3. He holds your hand because he thinks you are walking too slow.
  4. He is the first person to text a message. Well, if he only texts you “Hey” that does not count.
  5. He introduces you to his friends. But never to his parents.
  6. The sex is great. Well, of course, he has been practising.
  7. He talks to you during the day. Not only at night.
  8. He pretends that it is okay when you are not wearing make-up.

So? You see, it is easy to get confused. Some things you believed are signs of good stable relationship are in fact signs of nothing. Well, be careful.