These signs will tell you whether he really likes you or not! So read them carefully!

He laughs at all your jokes. If he is laughing and really listening to you, then he probably likes you a lot.

He asks you questions when you talk about something. He really is interested in you.

He touches your lower back. Obviously he would like to touch other part of your body!

He pays for your drinks. Perhaps he want to get you drunk, only a little.

He holds your coat when you are dressing up.

He texts you when he is out with his friends.

He watches movies or TV shows he has already seen again with you.

He warms you up when it is cold outside.

He touches your leg. Just “accidentally”, you know.

He wears too much cologne.

And if he tells you that he likes you, you can be sure that he means it!

So, good luck! And do not worry!