Emotional abuse is a huge problem nowadays and the sad truth is that it can be easily overlooked. If you have a suspicion that emotional abuse may be your problem, then you should watch out for these signs that come along with it.

  1. If you are scared of your partner and his behaviour, it is not good. In a relationship you should never be scared of saying things to your partner.
  2. If your partner keeps putting you down, even in front of others, you should be running while you can.
  3. If your partner compares you with someone prettier or more successful, you should consider breaking up with them.
  4. If your partner blames you for things that you are not responsible for, it is another sign of emotional abuse.
  5. If he is being too jealous even of your friends, then it is probably time to pack your bags and leave.
  6. If he has two faced personality, then you should watch out.
  7. If he is manipulating you into doing things you do not want to, you should just let him be.

Just do not let this get too far and leave before it is too late. Good luck!