Would you like to know how to turn a guy on without even trying? Well, it may probably sound a little bit impossible, but believe me, it is possible! Do you want to know how? Well, check out our tips and learn!

  1. Lay your head on his chest – men actually love to feel as protectors. So feel free to put your arm around him when you two are watching the TV.
  2. When you text him first – forget about waiting for him to text you! Be initiative! Do it, men love it.
  3. Tell him how much he means to you and how you appreciate him. Sure, you like to hear this from your man, right? Don´t you think that he deserves is too?
  4. Play with his hair. Do it while he is driving. You are going to drive him crazy!
  5. Show your friends on Facebook how much you love your man. Only once in a time. Do not overdo it!
  6. Listen to him. Like really. Let him talk about his problems and try to understand.
  7. Text him when you are out with your friends. To let him know that you miss him.
  8. Hug him, show him that you love him! Being intimate is something very important.