Vaginismus is not an easy thing to deal with.

But it definitely is becoming a more common issue nowadays and that is why we need to learn how to fight it! All of us, together! Well, not really together, I mean, that would be weird. But couples should definitely be dealing with this stuff together! And that is why you should read this article! In order to find out about some tips on how to treat a woman with vaginismus.


But before I tell you that, let me briefly explain what vaginismus is. It is a condition which causes vaginal muscles to tighten involuntarily. This causes women to experience pain during intercourse. And the most disturbing thing about vaginismus is that it has many causes. It can be stress, trauma, or performance anxiety, whatever. But of course, do not be scared.

Vaginismus does not mean the end of the world. It can be treated.

But you need to realize that it is a very sensitive issue and you will need to treat your woman very carefuly in order to handle it. Talk to her about the issue, but be nice. Do not push her into anything. Open a bottle of wine and start slowly. Suggest she visits a doctor. And definitely offer to go with her. It is important that you know how to handle this issue. Be her support!

Vaginismus will definitely test your relationship but it does not have to ruin it. Just stay strong and do not forget to communicate!