Experiencing pain during sexual intercourse is not normal.

But it is common. However, that does not make it something you should continue struggling with. Painful intercourse does not happen without a reason. And if it does happen, then you will need to do something about it.

Also, it may be good to avoid sex for a little while. If you continue having it while having pain, then you can develop sexual anxiety and that will be even more difficult to get rid of.

So, instead, take a break, take it slowly, talk to your partner and try to explain to them the situation. You see, painful intercourse can be solved but in order to get rid of it, you need to go and see your doctor.

Pain that you are experiencing can be caused by trauma, psychological issue, or by medical condition. But only your doctor will tell you for sure what is responsible for this problem. So please, do not try to heal yourself and do not hesitate to look for a professional help.

And why should you do this? Well, because only by dealing with the issue will you be able to fully enjoy your sex life. So, do not lose your hopes, do not give up and fight!

Just ask other women, many of them are probably dealing with the same issue or have been through the same issue. You are definitely going to get over it! Believe me, when I tell you.