Guys are not very good with saying “I love you”, however, they are very good with showing their love. If you have not noticed yet, then check out these love signs that will tell you what he feels to you.

  1. He kisses you passionately. Well, if he was not really into you he would probably not try that hard.
  2. Your feel that his friends really like you. And that they are trying to make you a part of their group.
  3. He is trying to get close to you. Like literally.
  4. He smiles at you after kissing. And it is that kind of smile. You know what I think, don´t you?
  5. He listens to what you are saying and he remembers things.
  6. Whenever you are with him he is standing straight.
  7. He squeezes your hand.
  8. He texts you just to find out how you are doing. Or simply for now real reason.
  9. Does he do things with you? We do not mean only dates, we mena usual things like Christmas gift shopping or whatever.
  10. When he buys you a gift it is something you really want and not something he accidentally bought.