Are you a person who spends a lot of their free time at home? Well, there is actually nothing wrong with that. No one can force you to spend every day of the week out with friends. Sometimes, it is perfectly okay to stay at home and read a book or watch a movie. However, when does this become too much? Well, if you want to know, check out these signs!

  1. You wear pajamas basically all the time you are at home. You come home from work, you put on pajamas. Well, this is not a good sign!
  2. You actually avoid going out when people ask you to make plans with them.
  3. You never iniciate any meeting.
  4. You watch too many shows.
  5. You quote words from the movies. You only talk about your favourite Tv shows or your favourite YouTubers.
  6. You have too many blankets.
  7. You do not even go out shopping. You purchase things online. Even food!
  8. You order take-out food every single day.
  9. You actually like it when your plans are cancelled.
  10. You spend the whole week thinking about weekend. And about doing nothing.