You would be surprised if you knew what things can be changed into candles! Apparently, nearly everything that you find at home and that you consider cute can be turned into even cuter candles. And when is the better time to make DIY candles than during fall? I think that never!

So, I bet that right now you are looking around yourself, considering which things from your room could be turner into candles. Well, let me help you with some suggestions.

  1. The shells! Just take a look at the picture! Are they not cute? And it is just so easy to make them!
  2. Teacups. Yeah, tiny little teacups can make lovely candles.
  3. Glasses. Literally, any shape of glass can be turned into a lovely candle!

Well, we gave you some ideas, now how about you try to make some candles? Just remember that you can decorate them with anything! Sprinkles, coffee beans, glittter, etc. Just use your imagination!