Do you know what the biggest relationship mistakes we do are? Well, if not, let me tell you about them!

  1. We are trying to change our partner. Despite all the things that our friends, family, and other people tell us, we somehow cannot stop doing this!
  2. Giving up when you see that things are not working out that well. Instead of trying to do something, we become depressed. And that is when our relationships start to fall apart.
  3. We simply do not feel good enough for our partner. For some reason, we do not feel worthy.
  4. Breaking up with the partner simply out of fear that he will reject us first.
  5. Not communicating clearly with our partner and believing that he will somehow figure everything out himself.
  6. Thinking that our partner is the one responsible for our happiness.
  7. Not trying hard enough to get our men to talk. Men want to talk, we just cannot give up on them.
  8. Actually searching for an opportunity to start an argument.