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Would You Dump Your Partner In Order To Go On A Holiday?

Can you imagine having an opportunity to go on a free luxury round-the-world trip? You would probably go on it right away, right? Well, the thing is, things are not for free in this world, as you have probably noticed. So in order to be able to actually go on this trip, you would have to give up on something. Like, let´s say your relationship. Would you do that?

Apparently, one in four British people would! And half of British people would give up on their dream job! And 38 percent would give up sex forever. Well, do you think that they would manage?

The Daughter Of Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Enjoying Herself At The Beach

Little North West has grown up. Well, not like totally. I mean, she still is a cute little girl she is just not a little baby. And that is a difference.

However, she really is a lovely young girl, and these photos from the beach in St. Barts where she and her family are spending summer holiday  prove that. She was of course not alone, but with her cousin Penelope. And they were both having some good time! Don´t you think? Aren´t these girls just the cutest?

Well, just check out North´s swimsuit, so stylish!


Who Said That There Can Only Be One Bride On A Wedding?

It turns out that it does not have to be that way! Well, sometimes there can be no bride at a wedding. But let´s be honest, it is just too sad without that beautiful white dress. It somehow makes a wedding the wedding. Don´t you think?

And this couple thinks the same! When Deri and Ben were deciding on the dresses of their bridesmaids, they wanted to make it very special. And when they came across an idea of dressing their bridesmaids as brides, they knew that it was the best idea of all! Just look at the pictures and you will see how awesome it was! gay-wedding-dresses-bridesmaids-ben-derii-rogers-wood-7gay-wedding-dresses-bridesmaids-ben-derii-rogers-wood-11

Kedykoľvek sa im zachce

Sex masáž si môže každý vychutnať so svojím partnerom kedykoľvek sa im zachce. Erotické masáže sa ponúkajú aj u masérov, ktorí masírujú aj intímne partie vrátane pohlavných orgánov, nedochádza tam však ku pohlavnému styku.

Erotické masáže

Takéto sex masáže si môžete zaplatiť jedine v erotických salónoch, ako predohru k hlavnému aktu, alebo nevestincoch či escorte.

Dievča pokiaľ ponúka sexuálne služby vrátane sex masáže, pokiaľ si ju priplatíte, neni s ňou problém. Ak sa rozhodnete o sex masáž v pohodlí domova a máte s kým, neni problém a nemusíte za to ani platiť.


Sex masáž sa začína masírovaním celého tela, veľmi jemne, aby sa pokožka príliš nerozdráždila. Postupom času sa pridáva na intenzite a samozrejme sa aj mení technika masáže.

Môžu sa pri tom použíť rôzne pomôcky na masírovanie, alebo jemné látky či rukavičky. Masáž by mala pokračovať s olejom, ktorý si môžete zvoliť. Tam masáž začne naberať na obrátkach, môže sa aj pritvrdiť a masírovať intenzívnejšie.

Masážne hlavice

Môžu sa použiť aj rôzne masížne hlavice a masírovať sa môžte navzájom aj na intímnych miestach, kde vás to bude dráždiť. Takéto masáže si vychutnáte najviac s niekym, komu môžete dôverovať a s niekym, koho poznáte a máte k nemu veľmi blízky vzťah.


Treba sa pri nich veľmi dobre uvoľniť, aby si ich človek vedel naplno vychutnať a precitnúť všetko energiu prúdiacu vaším telom. Sex masáž s vyvrcholením na konci je najlepším ukončením masáže, energie sa dostanú na vrchol a vaše telo sa celkom uvoľní.

What This Boy Did Is Amazing!

It is sad that even today people can be so cruel and bully a boy who grows his hair so that he could donate it to other kids suffering from cancer. Well, even though it is hard to believe, it is the truth. And the saddest thing is that it is not only kids who do that. But also some adults.

When Christian was 6 he decided to grow his hair for what he was aften called a girl by his schoolmates. But he did not give up, because he had a dream. And 2 and a half years later he made his dream come true. He donated 10-inch-long locks of his hair for wigs. May this boy be an inspiration to everyone!

boy-grows-long-hair-children-cancer-wig-st-jude-hospital-2 boy-grows-long-hair-children-cancer-wig-st-jude-hospital-6

Friend That Owes You Money

Well, this is hard. Friends and money do not really go together. But on the other hand, what kind of a person would you be if you did not help a friend in need? Probably not a good person. However, you should always consider who you lend the money to. Do you know the person well? Are you sure that they will give it back?

If it is your friend, a real friend I mean, then there is a high chance that you will see your money again. But the thing is, people tend to forget. And when your friend forgets to return the borrowed money and you know that they owe you. It just becomes a very uncomfortable situation. A situation that is shown in the video below.


Play Out Uses Breast Cancer Survivors As Models

What meaning does beauty have for you?

Is it something you can see, touch, paint or photograph? For many of us, perhaps. But do you think that the beauty ideals presented to us in fashion magazines and on TV are truly beautiful? Just because somebody says that this woman is the most beautiful woman in the world, does that mean that we all have to agree?

Well, I disagree. And so does Play Out, an underwear company which hired breast cancer survivors for their new campaign that aims to change the way we see the beauty. Because beauty is in all of us. And it means much more than just having a pretty face.

enhanced-1255-1432648098-10 enhanced-20503-1432649483-10enhanced-23472-1432647522-21

Beaches That Will Make You Want To Live On Them

One of the things that we associate with summer is definitely beach. Beautiful, sandy, peaceful and warm beach somewhere on the tropical island.  However, the reality we often experience is very much different. It is huge, not private, not tropical and full of tourists. There is nothing peaceful about that, is there?

But still, we want you to keep on dreaming and to remain in a good mood and therefore we have 4 most amazing beaches in the world that we would like to introduce to you. So, quickly put some sunscreen on, make a mojito, sit back and relax.

1. Calabria, Italy


2. Crane Beach, Barbados


3. Hanalei Bay Beach, Hawai


4. Hidden Beach, Mexico


Awakening Of A Feminist

The universal truth is that both men and women can sometimes be terrible. Well, both sexes have their weaknesses. And I bet that everyone sometimes feels betrayed and by their own sex. Especially when you see all the crazy celebrities-to-be on the TV.

However, your hopes are not lost forever. There are still inspiring women out there. Women that will make you feel proud to be a woman.

Such 10 empowering celebrities are featured in this video in order to inspire you and to make you believe in women. Enjoy 🙂

Folding Tricks That Will Make Your Life Easier

The thing we all hate about washing the clothes is that after they are washed and dryed and everything, you have to fold them. And folding can be really annoying (especially when your mom does not do it instead of you anymore). It gets lots of time and effort to learn the technique.

However, it does not have to be like that. What if I told you that there is an easier way of folding your clothes? What if I told you that there are hacks that will save your time? It sound amazing, right? So do not hesitate, watch the video and learn some tricks!