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Wine Labels That Want You To Know The Truth

These wine labels are awesome. They might even be the best labels that there are. So honest and so truthful. There is no other bottle of wine that will please you just as much as this one. Because honesty is above everything. Is it not?

They are also a great birthday present idea. Just imagine coming to your friend´s birthday party and giving them one of these? Plus, if you do not like any of these titles you can just make your own label. Perhaps the one that will say: “Happy Birthday!”

Or some other ugly truth, just like these.

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This Couple Quit Jobs And Now Travells Around The World

From time to time, each of us  gets that adventurous idea of selling the whole property and embark on a journey around the world. Unfortunately, for most of us it is only a dream that never comes true. This couple, however, have made it real. And now it has been almost four years since they changed the way they had lived.

Since August 2011, Matt and Jessica Johnson have been travelling on the boat with their cat, visiting countries such as Jamaica, Bahamas, Cuba, etc. And they have never been happier! Apparently, sometimes all you need to do is to follow your heart and not think about consequences. Would you like to do something similar too?

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Animal Alphabet

Teaching does not necessarily have to be boring. And it shouldn´t because kids need to be taught and they need to learn. And they will only trully want to learn if they find the topic interesting. So creativity is very important, when it comes to teaching children. But how can that be attained?

This father knows! Being a designer, he decided that instead of doing boring work stuff he would use his talent and draw something for his son. And he started by drawing animals, first drawing Armadillo, then he continued with B, C, etc. Eventually he made through the entire alphabet. Just look at the amazing pictures below. F for fox, E for elephant, H for hawk, J for jaguar.Awesome, right?

Designer-Draws-One-Animal-Per-Day-for-Newborn-Son3__605 Designer-Draws-One-Animal-Per-Day-for-Newborn-Son1__605 animal-alphabet-illustrations-kyson-dana-12 Continue reading

You Have To Try This With Maple Syrup

Maple syrup is great. You can just pour it over anything and it will turn the dish into a delicious one. Honestly, there is not a person that would not like maple syrup. Seriously, is there?

Well, good news is we have some new ways how to use this delicious treat. Have you ever heard about maple balsamic salad dressing? Or ice cream? Well, prepare for more. It is all in this video, just watch and learn. And enjoy! The icecream has to be delicious!

Do You Remember Your Favourite Childhood Toy?

Childhood toys. WE had plenty of them, some we do not remember and some we would die to have again! However, even though we had more of them than we can count on both our hands, there was always just one that was special. The toy you could carry with you anywhere. The toy you did not want to let go of.

Would not it be fun to have that toy again? Well, these people thought it would and so they surprised some adults with their childhood toys. If you only saw the emotions it has brought back! You have to watch the video, it is so cute!


Faces That Baristas Will Recognize

Being a barista is awesome when you love coffee and everything about it. Because making a really good coffee is a true art. But just as it has its pros it also has its cons. It is basically the same with any job in the world. So please, do not take this personally, I do not want to discourage you from becoming a barista.

However, I believe that there are things you should know. And there are faces that you should prepare to make often. Even though you should not.

1. A face you make when your customer (talking on a phone) asks you to hold on.


2. When customer asks for extra, extra caramel.


3. Face you make when somebody orders Ice Water.


4. When the one who orders the most complicated drink brings it back to tell you that you have made it wrong.


Gluten Free Or Not?

Everybody wants to eat healthy. Before we buy some food, we read carefully what it contains. We become obsessed with the food. But the thing is, do we really know what we are eating?

It seems that we have knowledge of what is good hor our body and what is not. Everybody knows that eating vegetable and fruits is good and that eating gluten is not that good for our digestion. We know that we should not be eating too much sugar, fat…

But when it comes to tasting the food. Can we be mistaken? Are you sure that you would know if anyone gave you something that contained gluten even though they told you it hadn´t? Well, these people tried it. How did they do? See for yourself.

Relax, Take It Easy!

Whether you are working or studying, it does not really matter. We all are under stress most of our lives. We are stressed about our health, our job, deadlines, family, etc. I do not know a person that lives without stress. Today, it is not even possible I think. Everybody is just stressed.

The thing is, stress is the worst disease, because it causes majority of sicknesses we go through throughout the year. And throughout our life! Therefore we need to learn how to relax. Especially when we feel that everything is just falling down on us. So in order to protect you from the stress, here is a video you have to watch!

Awesome “Friends” Nails

We all love Friends, don´t we? I mean, there is no better show than Friends. Many of us will forever remember the characters, jokes and te comic situations we can laugh about over and over again. And never stop. The series is brilliant!

So are these nail designs inspired by Friends. The one with the couch, with the peephole, the Central Perk theme or simply with a logo of Friends. All look fabulous! A perfect thing for a theme party. Or for a Friends marathon, do you agree?
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This Is The Way That Smartphones Change Our Lives!

Smartphones are great. We have everything we need in them. There is no need to have a camera, ipod, tablet and mobile phone with you all the time. All you need is your smartphone. Cool, right? You can listen to your favourite music whenever you want, check your Facebook, talk to your friends….

Whenever you feel awkward that you are somewhere alone, you do not have to try to talk to other people, no. You can simply just play some easy game, or log in to the internet and do whatever you want. Kill your time. Funny. Is it? Or do you see it differently? The truth is, we have become dependent on them. These pictures capture the way smartphones changed our lives in a very good way.