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Did You Know That You Can Get Kicked Out Of A Coffee Shop For Wearing Only Bra?

Well, at first, let´s make things clear. Of course you know that going to a coffee shop wearing only bra is probably not the best idea. But let me tell you a story of Davina Ward who decided to have a cup of coffee after her gym session and so she went to Costa – a coffee shop – in Sutton, London. However, her outfit did not really please the staff and after she sat down to drink her coffee with a friend, a barista asked her to cover up. Davina was wearing leggins and a sports bra.

Davina also complained about the problems with refunding money for the coffees. However, the staff argued that they were confused whether her friend would be staying to finish his drink or not. On the other hand, the company apologised to Davina, but that still does not make up for her embarrassment.


Looking For A Cute Small Tatoo?

Here is just something for you! Because food is never out!

So you have been thinking about getting a tatoo for a while but somehow you have always backed out because you jsut were not sure. Well, I know, it is hard to decide for something you will wear on your skin until the rest of your life. But with choosing something small and cute you might end up having a very nice tatoo which would also be cool.

Just like these cute food tattoos that you are going to love! Especially if you love food which probably everybody does.

And the best thing is, there are so many varieties! I mean, just choose the food you like, nobody forces you to have pizza tattooed on your body.

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Enjoy These Ideas For Great Summer Desserts!

Summer would not be a summer without a cake. Ain´t that right? OK, many of you probably disagree but, if there is a better opportunity to prepare a delicious dessert than a summer grill party then tell me about it!

Well, I though so. Summer is a great season for desserts. And especially for such desserts as these three! Nutella-Stuffed Brown Butter Pie would definitely be a star at any kid´s birthday party! If you would like to make that one, get the recipe here. 

Or if you prefer something more daring, then try this Pretzel Pie! Click here to discover the recipe!enhanced-4129-1437493309-1

For something simple and ready-to-serve try these Applie Pie Cups. Find out how to prepare here.enhanced-5667-1437429637-2

Why You Should Not Be Drinking Outside During The Summer

Well, having a nice fruity cocktail on the beach can be perfect, however, be aware of the fact that if it contains lime juice, rather do not spill it on your skin. Why? You perhaps do not know about this, but phytophotodermatitis is a real medical condition which occurs when you lime juice gets on your skin and then it is exposed to the sun.

What happens then? A very ugly, itching and painful sunburn, just like these ones in the pictures. Well, I guess that drinking margaritas outside during the summer is not so appealing afterall?

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DIY: A Beautiful Flower Crown

Flowers are all around in the summer. They are so beautiful and can make a perfect decoration in your home.  And they are also a great fashion accessory! For example wearing a beautiful flower crown has become a huge trend lately. And it is so easy to make one! All you need is some flowers, wire and a lot of patience. And a little bit of creativity!

Everyone will be jealous of your lovely piece of accessory! However, the sad thing is that such crown will not last long. But it could make a lovely wedding crown, don´t you think? I bet that you can find an opportunity to wear one. enhanced-14010-1435787286-2

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What Effects Has Travelling On You Mind?

Travelling is awesome. And everyone who travels knows that. Because nothing equals that feeling you have when you are discovering new places, meeting new people and trying new foods and new things. It is just so exciting! Ain´t that right?

However, the effects that travelling has on your mind are much bigger. And you perhaps even do not know about them. For example, it helps you be more trustful. It makes you feel less afraid of new things. It enhances your creativity. And it helps your ability to solve problems without stress and more effectively. It just does so many things! So you should never stop travelling and exploring new places. Even if it is in your neighbourhood.

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The Best Surprise!

This is the best video of all! If you need something to warm your heart and make you believe in love again, this is just what you need. A video of a Marine surprising his younger brother.

Tyler just wanted to go to the movies. But once he was being recorded, he figured that something is different. However, the only thing that really bothered him was whether he would still go to the movies. Well, until the door behind him opened and his brother appeared. What happened then? Watch the video to see! It is just awesome!

What Happens With Your Beard In 365 Days?

If you are one of the lucky men who have beard just like this guy, then you are going to love this video! Because growing beard has become a trend these days. Hasn´t it? Men love the fact that they do not have to shave everyday and women always loved lumberjack men.  Ain´t that right? Oh, I know that it is true!Just do not be ashamed to say it, girls!

And perhaps that is the reason behind this guy´s experiment. He let his beard grow for 365 days. And how did it go? Well, watch the video and see. I think that the result is quite overwhelming. What is your opinion?

Questions People From City Have For People From Suburbs

And why do they have any questions? Well, because they want to know what it is like living in a completely different world. A world full of space, peace and quiet. It is just unbelievable for people who live in a lively city which is always awake.

And that is why they ask people from suburbs whether they really can see stars at night, whether there is no noise, whether they know their neighbours, etc. etc. Because when you are living in the city, you are living fast and always surrounded by people. And living in the suburbs is just so awesome! Well, for those who enjoy quiet and lots of personal space. However, while a person is young they enjoy living in the city because they just do not need that much space. Ain´t that right?


Can You Guess What This Picture Is Painted With?

Another Mona Lisa. But this one is different. Can you tell why? Well, obviously it is painted in brown but what is the picture painted with anyway? Do you have any idea? Well, think.

Do you know? No? OK, I will tell you.

It is a mixture of two kinds of coffee. Greek coffee and espresso – to create the dark shades. And how long do you think it took the artist to paint the picture? Ten hours. Awesome, right! This is a huge talent!

Would you dare to do something like that?