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How Boyfriends Annoy Their Girlfriends

Yeah, men will always say that their girlfriends are annoying. But the truth is, even though they deny it, that they are just as much annoying as their girlfriends! If not more!

There are particular things that boyfriends do which annoy their girlfriends very much.

And guys, I suggest you watch this video so that you know what you should not do. Or, if you want to break up, but do not know how to do it, just continue doing these things and it will work, I promise! Enjoy the video.

Do You Know Your Girlfirend By Touch?

Imagine that you were sat next to a person you would not be able to see and your task would be to touch that their face and guess whether that person is your girlfriend or not. Well, that sounds a little crazy, right?

Anyway, let´s get back to the point. Do you think that you would recognize your girlfriend like that?

Well, it is hard to say when you have never done that before, right?

Why don´t you just watch this video of these guys trying to recognize their girlfriends by touch!

Girls And Their Struggles With Makeup

When you are trying to get that perfect makeup, it never actually turns out the way you imagined it in your head, right? You have the vision, you know what you want and you have seen tons of YouTube tutorials which showed you everything step-by-step, but still, the result is not the same.

Even though you tried just as hard as you could. Well, you always end up struggling with the same things, ain´t that right? Just watch the video and see the biggest struggles of putting on makeup.

A New Dating App For Bacon Lovers

All you bacon lovers, there is a hope for you! Well, for those of you who are single. If bacon is an important thing in your life, and you feel that it affects your choice of a partner, then you should definitely try this new dating app!

Sizzl is designed to connect people with similar bacon preferences. Sound crazy, right? Well, if you want to know more about how it works, then watch the video below. Who knows, perhaps you will find your soulmate via this app.

Getting Facials For The First Time

Have you ever had facial? Well, do you know what a facial is? I bet that you know, I mean, it is a basic thing that everyone should be familiar with. At least every woman should be familiar with. Because let´s be honest, there is not a woman that has never been to a beautician. Or is there?

Well, apparently, there are people who have never had facial in their entire life. But they are willing to try it for the first time and they want you to see how it went! So thanks to them, you can see it in the vieo below. Enjoy!


Tipsy Nail Art

Do you know what tipsy nail art is about? Well, it is actually pretty awesome. Once you try it, you will never want to do any other nail art. So let m explain to you how it works.

Well, the point of this type of nail art is to get drunk. Before you start doing anything. And then continue geting drunk throughout the entire process. You will be surprised by the results!

But before, watch the video and find out more about this technique! Enjoy!

Sisters And Their Worst Fights

Sisters are the best friends. Ain´t that true? Depsite all the fights and misunderstandings they have to go through, eventually, they always end up being friends again. And that is the best thing about having a sister.

So remember that before we start digging into the darkest stories of the sisters. Or, the worst fight stories that these sisters are about to reveal. Are you curious what they are? Then watch the video now! And remember that fights do not last forever!

How To Make Hiking Super Annoying

Well, if you do not know how, then this guy will teach you how to do that. For some reason, he decided that he will turn this nature hike into a nightmare for his girlfriend. How? Well, it is simple.

Throughout the entire trek in New Zealand, in every sentence he says, there is a pun. A hiking pun. And even though it might seem funny at first, after a while his girlfriend starts hating it. Totally. Well, no wonder, just watch the video and see how annoying this boyfriend is.

Things People Said About Taking A Selfie

It is all about selfie! Everybody is taking selfies! And selfie sticks have become the new traveller´s must-have item, ain´t that right? It seems that no one is having other people taking photos of themselves. Why should they when all they need is a selfie stick! And the problem is all solved. You can make thousands, or ten thousands of photos of yourself! However, although it seems to be easy to make photos with selfie stick, it actually is not. And people who use selfie sticks know this. They have experienced some funny moments while taking selfies. And they are all in the video below! Enjoy!

Group Of Teachers Started Off The Year In The Best Way

I believe that all of you have dealt with the fact that the school is soon to begin. And I believe that you know that there is nothing you can do about it. Perhaps, you could make the best of it and start fresh. With new goals and expectations. Would it not be awesome? Well, I wish you all the best. But I think that these teachers will do a better job when it comes to celebrating the new school year.

During the welcome back speech, a group of teachers started singing “One More Day” song from musical Les Misérables. And their performance was absolutely awesome! So you simply have to watch it in the video below! Enjoy! And good luck at school!