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Lazy Birthday Cakes For Children

Kids need cakes. You have to deal with it. There is no way you can simply not make a cake for your kid on their birthday. No way you are going to get away with it. It is just for your own sake, you know. Cakes work wonders.

But do not worry, you do not have to create a masterpiece. You do not really have to bake at all. You can simply buy a cake from store and decorate it yourself. Are you saying that you are not good at decorating? Here are some lazy tips on how to do it when you lack the talent.

1. Use sprinkles. You can perhaps create the number on the top with sprinkles and cookie cutter.

2. Make pandas with chocolate chips and sprinkles.

3. Make a Lego cake! Use your imagination.

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Bizarre Food Combinations You Have Probably Never Eaten

What is the oddest food combination you have ever tasted? Pizza with pineapple? Just kidding. In fact, many various food combinations which sound crazy at first, are actually quite tasty. Somehow, they just work. Even though you would never guess so.

Just like the bizarre combinations that are tested in the video below. Would you like to try some of them? Well, watch the video and perhaps you will find these foods quite interesting! Never say never.

Nutella And Pizza

Do you know what happens when you combine Nutella and pizza? Something absolutely unbelievable. Because pizza does not have to be only salty and cheesy, it can actually be even better when it is made with Nutella!

You do not believe it? Well, then you should probably watch this video! But prepare to fall in love with this delicious recipe right away. So do not watch it if you do not have Nutella at home. Otherwise, enjoy!