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Badass Ex-Cops Smoking Weed

When people are bored, they get crazy ideas. That is probably what happened to these guys – making a video of three ex-cops that smoke weed? That is just insane! But, like, good insane, of course. And you will understand why when you watch the video.

They were all asked whether they have ever smoked before and the answers may or may not surprise you, but they definitely surprised me! Then they took sobriety test and after that, they finally got into it! But, no more talking, more watching. Enjoy.

Spanglish Lyrics?

Did it ever happen to you that you were listening to a song, ENGLISH song with ENGLISH lyrics and suddenly, you heard Spanish words? And you knew that you were wrong and that there had to be sung something in English instead, but you just could not help it? And everytime you heard the song, you simply heard the spanish part over and over again?

Well, then, the same thing has happened to these guys and it is hilarious!

Cosplay taken to another level!

Antti Karppinen, a true man of a thousand faces. He loves to dress as celebrities and movie characters. And he is hell great in it. Could you even tell, that all of the pictures bellow is one man?


Take a look and be amazed. How many do you recognize?


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