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Topical Treatments for Premature Ejaculation

How to Prevent Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation is common in males and may severely destroy your confidence in bed and even end your relationship. Good news is; the condition can be easily managed through various treatment options. However, all of them, as observed by Dr Harry Fisch, accompany undesirable conditions or requirements.

To sort out this problem, Dr Harry came up with a benzocaine application in wipe and called it PREBOOST. PREBOOST is easy to apply and it is one of the most productive ways of treating premature ejaculation. It helps men enhance their stamina in bed and have a better sexual experience. How is PREBOOST different?

It is not surprising that there is a full arsenal of men’s health products on the market today, most of which boast of their ability to prevent premature ejaculation. If you search keenly, you’ll discover about a hundred creams, sprays and other products that profess success in delaying ejaculation. All of these are topical solutions, meaning that you apply them directly to the skin.

After carefully considering these products, Dr. Harry came up with a much better solution in the form of a premature ejaculation gel, one that doesn’t have the detriments of the alternatives available today. Here, let’s show you how PREBOOST works better than most of them.

Premature ejaculation sprays

Like every other medicinal sprays, premature ejaculation sprays call for high precision when spraying them on the target area. Just a little mistake and you get the whole thing on the wrong part. A dosage could be wasted justlike that. Plus, you are likely to get too much or too little of a dosage which will make you unstable during sex. The spray may also spill over to the sheets or to your partner. Gross. A small thing like that is enough to get her out of the mood. In addition, the sprays are highly individualized.

The area that best works for a certain person might not work for you. It’s also very rare that you’ll get a mini-spray container. Their huge size makes them unsuitable to carry around. No one wants to walk with a whole bottle of premature ejaculation spray disgustingly visible through their pockets.

On the other hand, you get a PREBOOST wipe that’s separately wrapped in a small package; very similar to a condom. You can simply drop it in your trouser pocket or wallet and be on your way for some good time with your partner.

Premature ejaculation creams, gels and ointments

It’s going to be hard to apply a P. E. cream without using your hands. It’s even harder to know the exact dosage you need to apply. As you scoop the products with your hands, you may end up taking a little more than it is needed and then plaster all that mess everywhere. Your partner isn’t going to feel so great having smears of premature ejaculation creams all over her during sex. On the other hand, PREBOOST wipes work just like the sweat wipes. Clean and unnoticeable.

Desensitizing condoms

When it comes to combining protection and medication, desensitizing condoms will do the trick. Plus, you are getting the right dosage just where it’s needed. The downside here is; you cannot adjust the dosage to fit your needs, neither can you decide where to apply it. In addition, it takes up to 10 minutes for the medication to start working. Now, who would want to put on a condom and then wait for ten minutes before they can enjoy sex? It just doesn’t do the trick.

Lidocaine wipes

Apply lidocaine on your target area and see yourself lasting up to 3 hours nonstop. That’s a lot of time, especially when there is no time to enjoy a whole day in bed. With PREBOOST, what you get is a 4% benzocaine solution, enough to last you an hour or less. You can also apply it when needed.

Testosterone patches

There’s also an option of using testosterone patches or pills to alleviate premature ejaculation. This is because low testosterone levels are a major contributor of premature ejaculation, but that’s not always the case. These patches weren’t specifically designed for premature ejaculation treatment, rather for use as part of a bigger treatment option for low testosterone.

Before using it, you should first check with the doctor to avoid possible risks resulting from misuse. All these products can help you improve your sexual encounter, but they come with unwanted inconveniences.

Most of them are inefficient, others are just downright messy, and others will leave you too numb to enjoy sex. This is where PREBOOST wipes step in. you control how much you apply, and where to apply for maximum effects. PREBOOST is exactly what you need to enjoy sex without any hassles or letdowns.

How Boyfriends Annoy Their Girlfriends

Yeah, men will always say that their girlfriends are annoying. But the truth is, even though they deny it, that they are just as much annoying as their girlfriends! If not more!

There are particular things that boyfriends do which annoy their girlfriends very much.

And guys, I suggest you watch this video so that you know what you should not do. Or, if you want to break up, but do not know how to do it, just continue doing these things and it will work, I promise! Enjoy the video.

Andy Murray On Happy Marriage

What is the key to a long, everlasting and happy marriage? Do you know? Well, we should probably ask someone who actually made it work until the very last moment, don´t you think? Or someone who makes it work now! And although what I am about to say might sound crazy, the truth is, that it may be actually working.

Andy Murray says that what helps his marriage is spending some time apart. He says that most of the problems that couple have are caused by the fact that they spend too much time together. Everyday. He feels that when he and his wife do not see each other for a while, they appreciate the time spent together more. 03_31193854_1a537d_2469854a

Guys And Pinterest Fruit Hacks

Pinterest is full of ideas and DIYs! And sometimes some of them are actually great! However, it happens that from time to time you can find very stupid tips on Pinterest too. But let´s not talk about it. Let´s talk about these guys who were assigned a task to do some of the Summer Fruit Hacks found on Pinterest. How did they do? Well, let me just say that their skills are quite impressive. Although they were a little confused right at the beginning. However, the results were not that bad.

But why don´t you watch it yourself?

What Happens With Your Beard In 365 Days?

If you are one of the lucky men who have beard just like this guy, then you are going to love this video! Because growing beard has become a trend these days. Hasn´t it? Men love the fact that they do not have to shave everyday and women always loved lumberjack men.  Ain´t that right? Oh, I know that it is true!Just do not be ashamed to say it, girls!

And perhaps that is the reason behind this guy´s experiment. He let his beard grow for 365 days. And how did it go? Well, watch the video and see. I think that the result is quite overwhelming. What is your opinion?

BFF Vs. Partner

If someone asked you who knows you better, what would you say? Is it your partner or your BFF? Well, think about it carefully. Of course you share everything with your girlfriend (or boyfriend) but how long have you and your best friend known each other? Eternity? Hm.. it is a dilemma, right?

Well, in case your partner is your best friend or your best friend is your partner then it is perfectly clear, but if it´s not, how do you know who knows you better?

Any ideas?

You can surely try to find out yourself, but meanwhile, watch this video of three couples and their BFFs who took the test.

Sex ponuka – som gigolo

042108Sex ponúk, ktoré si podávajú gigolovia, sa podstatne líšia od toho, čo tu bolo v minulosti. Ak chceš sex za peniaze, musíš sa jednoducho predať. Musíš byť originálny, pretože hoci o chlapov je tiež záujem, je nás možno viacej a niekedy sa spoločnosť javí ako dosť vyberavá.

Moja prvá ponuka

Moja prvá sex ponuka, respektíve inzerát, bol dosť smiešny. Nevedel som, čo robím, skôr som sa v noci bavil a mal som naozaj chuť zažiť niečo nové. S povýšeneckým tónom mi vtedy napísala jedna staršia dáma, s ktorou dodnes spávam a ona vidí moje pokroky. Odporučila ma svojim nadržaným kamoškám, ktoré okrem detí a manžela stíhali sem tam za mnou dobehnúť a akože si „odcvičiť“ hodinu v posilke. Poviem vám, niekedy si to naozaj odmakali.


V sex ponuke musí byť aj kreativita. Musíš sa vedieť predať, byť inovatívny, písať medzi riadkami. Prihlásili sa mi na inzerát všelijaké stvorenia, mladé krásne baby bez chlapov, čo to už bez sexu nevedeli vydrzať. Staršie dámy, hipisáčky, nespokojné manželky, frustrované 50tničky, ktoré si mysleli, že život už skončil a oni si už nemôžu dopriať. Áno, niekedy som im robil psychológa, no vždy som im tie báchorky vytesnil z hlavy a spravil z nich dámy večera.

Možnosť výberu

Na sex ponukách, ktoré robí naša firma je dobré to, že si môžeš vyberať. Môžeš byť kým chceš a kedy ale hlavne s kým chceš byť. Nemusíš ísť s prvou fuchtlou, ktorú ti firma dohodí. To nie. Zákazníčky si môžeme vyberať a my si aj patrične vyberáme. Nikdy síce neviete, či odmietnutá nebola väčšie terno ako tá, s ktorou ste reálne išli, ale zapodievať sa tým nemá naozaj zmysel.


Mám rád, keď si ma žena na základe inzerátu vyžiada domov. Niekedy je to naozaj riskantné, ale ja mám rád dobrodružstvo. Raz som za jednou šiel do luxusnej vilky, ďaleko od mesta, naozaj som bol prekvapený. Čakala ma v prevleku chyžnej a hoci inak by som sa na ňu ani nepozrel, priťahovala ma jej moc a to, ako sebavedomo vystupovala. V duchu som si hovoril, že ak na toto neletí jej manžel, jednoducho je to idiot.

Ťažká práca

Táto práca je však aj ťažká. Niekedy nemáte chuť s nikým byť, no práca si to vyžaduje. Možno by bolo jednoduchšie ísť pracovať na erotický privát ale niekoľkokrát som už prišiel domov a pomyslel si, že by som s tým najradše skončil. Keď sa však potom človek pozrie okolo seba, dvakrát si rozmyslí, či štandard, na ktorý si našetril a nadrel sa pri tom, vymenia za prácu pri pokladni za minimálnu mzdu.

Guys Pregnant For An Entire Day!

Pregnancy is considered the most beautiful part of a woman´s life. Although there are many things that are not so beautiful about it. Just like the fact that you are twice as big as you were before and you have to carry your huge pregnant body everywhere. Seriously 24 hours a day.

This is the fact that many people do not realize. Well, not as much people as much as men. And the sad fact is, that they will never learn. Well, only if they are willing to try. Just like these guys that decided t ogive it a shot and wore fake pregnancy bellies for a day. How did that make them feel? Watch and learn.

Do You Know Your Boyfriend´s Phone Number?

When we are dating, we are practically on our phones all the time! We are texting with our darling, falling asleep while we are on the phone. But the thing is, how many of us remember the phone number of our partner?

No one? I thought so. Why should we, we have it stored in our mobile phones. So, we do not have to. Just watch these hilarious couples that admit to not knowing each other´s numbers. Are you and your honey the same?

You Have To Try These Brownies!

Having a sweet tooth? I have an idea. Why not making a brownie? Do you find the recipe too complicated? Do not worry, there is an easier way to do it. And if you love Nutella, this will be the best brownie you have ever had!

Just check out the recipe then write down everything you need, which is just three ingredients and I bet that you have most of them in your refridgerator. And let´s make these awesome brownies now! Hmmm, delicious!