Going on a blind date may seem fun at first, however, you should be aware of the fact that these dates, they usually turn out to be a complete catastrophy. Seriously! There is no such thing as falling in love on a blind date. It only happens in movies! Very bad ones.

The fact is that if you agree on going on a blind date, you should be prepared for ANYTHING. Well, if you do not believe us, then let us show you some examples!

  1. The guy your friends sets you up with could be totally in love with HER. That is right. And I bet that you do not really want to spend the entire evening listening about your friend, do you?
  2. He could be religious. Which is not bad, like, seriously, there is nothing wrong with that. As long as he does not start that virgin talk.
  3. The person they set you up with could be mean. Like really. And what is the worst thing about that? Your friend, who would set you up with that person would think that you two are a perfect match!
  4. They could still be in a relationship. There is no need to explain.
  5. They could be ugly. Well, we do not want to say it like this, but you know what we mean, right?
  6. The guy could be a fan of Donald Trump. Hell, no!
  7. Or, he could be a friend of your boss. Just never let your boss to fix you up.
  8. The worst thing is, that he would be on a second date that day!