Author: Kermit Gonzales

The Daughter Of Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Enjoying Herself At The Beach

Little North West has grown up. Well, not like totally. I mean, she still is a cute little girl she is just not a little baby. And that is a difference.

However, she really is a lovely young girl, and these photos from the beach in St. Barts where she and her family are spending summer holiday  prove that. She was of course not alone, but with her cousin Penelope. And they were both having some good time! Don´t you think? Aren´t these girls just the cutest?

Well, just check out North´s swimsuit, so stylish!


Who Said That There Can Only Be One Bride On A Wedding?

It turns out that it does not have to be that way! Well, sometimes there can be no bride at a wedding. But let´s be honest, it is just too sad without that beautiful white dress. It somehow makes a wedding the wedding. Don´t you think?

And this couple thinks the same! When Deri and Ben were deciding on the dresses of their bridesmaids, they wanted to make it very special. And when they came across an idea of dressing their bridesmaids as brides, they knew that it was the best idea of all! Just look at the pictures and you will see how awesome it was! gay-wedding-dresses-bridesmaids-ben-derii-rogers-wood-7gay-wedding-dresses-bridesmaids-ben-derii-rogers-wood-11

When Disney Princesses Get Old

Aging is inevitable. Everybody gets old. And there is nothing we can do about that although we try. Especially women, right?

Well, in order to prove to you that you cannot avoid getting old this video was created. A video of Disney princesses, which were always young and pretty, as old ladies. And how do they look? Well, you tell us what you think!

Are they not elegant even with grey hair and a few wrinkles? Because we do think so! Watch the video to see for yourself!

What Effects Has Travelling On You Mind?

Travelling is awesome. And everyone who travels knows that. Because nothing equals that feeling you have when you are discovering new places, meeting new people and trying new foods and new things. It is just so exciting! Ain´t that right?

However, the effects that travelling has on your mind are much bigger. And you perhaps even do not know about them. For example, it helps you be more trustful. It makes you feel less afraid of new things. It enhances your creativity. And it helps your ability to solve problems without stress and more effectively. It just does so many things! So you should never stop travelling and exploring new places. Even if it is in your neighbourhood.

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What Happens With Your Beard In 365 Days?

If you are one of the lucky men who have beard just like this guy, then you are going to love this video! Because growing beard has become a trend these days. Hasn´t it? Men love the fact that they do not have to shave everyday and women always loved lumberjack men.  Ain´t that right? Oh, I know that it is true!Just do not be ashamed to say it, girls!

And perhaps that is the reason behind this guy´s experiment. He let his beard grow for 365 days. And how did it go? Well, watch the video and see. I think that the result is quite overwhelming. What is your opinion?

Pregnant Couples And The Advice They Get

People just love to give advice, don´t they? I bet that you know that situation when you are having a problem and others are advising you how to deal with it pretending that they are the smartest people in the world, knowing what i the best thing to do. Oh, and even better version is, when you are experiencing something they have already experienced and they are so helpful that they are telling you everything they think is necessary that you know.

Just like when you are pregnant! And your friends that has already been pregnant are giving you advice. If you want to know what weird advice pregnant couples get, just watch this funny video! Enjoy and share 🙂

Fire Hair Is Here!

If you feel bored with your haircolor, we have something for you. Supposing you like ombre hairstyle. If yes and if you also like red colour, you will love this new trend of fire hair. That is right, fire hair. Have you heard of it? Just check out these photos.

You can see that this style looks good both on straight or curly hair. And the length is also not important. Plus, you can also choose whether you want a darker version – in case you do not like orange colour – or a slightly lighter version. So, what do you think? I think that you need to plan your appointment with your hairdresser.

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