Author: Boris Mihalik

Is He Into You?

These signs will tell you whether he really likes you or not! So read them carefully!

He laughs at all your jokes. If he is laughing and really listening to you, then he probably likes you a lot.

He asks you questions when you talk about something. He really is interested in you.

He touches your lower back. Obviously he would like to touch other part of your body!

He pays for your drinks. Perhaps he want to get you drunk, only a little.

He holds your coat when you are dressing up.

He texts you when he is out with his friends.

He watches movies or TV shows he has already seen again with you.

He warms you up when it is cold outside.

He touches your leg. Just “accidentally”, you know.

He wears too much cologne.

And if he tells you that he likes you, you can be sure that he means it!

So, good luck! And do not worry!

4 Things Which Will Definitely Ruin Your Date

First dates are the worst. Even if the first date is not that forced, blind kind of date, i can still turn out absolutely wrong. Even if you are planning a date with a person you really want to go on a date with, still, it does not necessarily have to mean that it will work out. However, once it does, it is simply amazing. And the price that you have paid with all the stress, is worth it. But if it does not pay off?

Well, that partly depends on you. You are the one who is a part of the date. And you can actually affect the way things will evolve from that date on. How can you do that? Well, there are four things actually, which can ruind your date, if you do them. So, if for any reason you want to ruin your date, do them, but if not, please, avoid doing them at all costs.

First thing to do if you want to ruin your date is to make bad jokes. It is just that you do not know the person too well and they may not find your creepy sense of humor funny at first.

Another thing is writing too many emails before you actually meet. Because all the getting to know each other should happen face-to-face. And not online. If you already know everything about each other, what are you going to talk about when you finally meet?

The next thing, always make sure that you are on a date. The purpose of the meeting has to be clear to both of you.

The last thing, do not put much emphasis on the first kiss. Whether it happens or not, it does not really matter on a first date.

Do You Know Your Girlfirend By Touch?

Imagine that you were sat next to a person you would not be able to see and your task would be to touch that their face and guess whether that person is your girlfriend or not. Well, that sounds a little crazy, right?

Anyway, let´s get back to the point. Do you think that you would recognize your girlfriend like that?

Well, it is hard to say when you have never done that before, right?

Why don´t you just watch this video of these guys trying to recognize their girlfriends by touch!

The Moon Rising Over LA

Well, you don´t probably see the Moon rising over LA every day, do you? Thanks to these photos you will!

A photographer Dan Marker-Moore took 11 photographies in 28 minutes and with them he created a night-time composite of string of full moons rising, and he also created a time-slice of these photos. Dan is an artist based in LA. He specializes in photography and video.  So, what do you think about his work? Does it not look beautiful? Kind of makes you want to explore LA, or not?moon-rising-timelapse-la-dan-marker-moore-2

Lazy Birthday Cakes For Children

Kids need cakes. You have to deal with it. There is no way you can simply not make a cake for your kid on their birthday. No way you are going to get away with it. It is just for your own sake, you know. Cakes work wonders.

But do not worry, you do not have to create a masterpiece. You do not really have to bake at all. You can simply buy a cake from store and decorate it yourself. Are you saying that you are not good at decorating? Here are some lazy tips on how to do it when you lack the talent.

1. Use sprinkles. You can perhaps create the number on the top with sprinkles and cookie cutter.

2. Make pandas with chocolate chips and sprinkles.

3. Make a Lego cake! Use your imagination.

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Maisie Williams On Jon Snow´s Death

We are all excited about the new season of Game Of Thrones.

However, since it is still a long time until the premiere of the first episode, and we have lots of questions, some people simply cannot make it witout asking.

Especially about Jon Snow nad his death. Is it real? Is he really dead? Well, a reporter asked Maisie Williams this question. And her answer? Well, watch the video and find out. Although, you might be disappointed.

Did You Know That You Can Get Kicked Out Of A Coffee Shop For Wearing Only Bra?

Well, at first, let´s make things clear. Of course you know that going to a coffee shop wearing only bra is probably not the best idea. But let me tell you a story of Davina Ward who decided to have a cup of coffee after her gym session and so she went to Costa – a coffee shop – in Sutton, London. However, her outfit did not really please the staff and after she sat down to drink her coffee with a friend, a barista asked her to cover up. Davina was wearing leggins and a sports bra.

Davina also complained about the problems with refunding money for the coffees. However, the staff argued that they were confused whether her friend would be staying to finish his drink or not. On the other hand, the company apologised to Davina, but that still does not make up for her embarrassment.


These Facial Hair Facts Are Awesome!

Men will probably understand all the fuss around the facial hair. I mean, it is their thing. And women do not really have that much to do with it. Well, some perhaps, but that is not what I want to talk about. Facial hair is something that men are proud of. Well, when it grows. Are they not? And women love men with beards too, don´t they? There simply is something about it.

In fact, facial hair is fascinating. And you will think that too after you watch this video of some awesome facts about facial hair! Enjoy!

Awesome Wedding Cakes Inspired By Runway

Choosing the right wedding cake is not easy. Not only it has to be beautiful and has to match the colors of your wedding decoration, it also has to be tasty, right? Because nobody wants to eat a beautiful cake which does not taste good at all. That is just one of the things which should not happen at your wedding!

But I bet that you know it. And because I do not want to scare you, but otherwise, I want to encourage you to do the best when choosing your wedding cake, here are some beautiful cakes from Lori Hutchinson, or The Caketress, who makes these runway-inspired wedding cakes. Are they not beautiful? enhanced-14850-1438784383-7 enhanced-9800-1438787282-13 enhanced-28802-1438784778-2

DIY: A Beautiful Flower Crown

Flowers are all around in the summer. They are so beautiful and can make a perfect decoration in your home.  And they are also a great fashion accessory! For example wearing a beautiful flower crown has become a huge trend lately. And it is so easy to make one! All you need is some flowers, wire and a lot of patience. And a little bit of creativity!

Everyone will be jealous of your lovely piece of accessory! However, the sad thing is that such crown will not last long. But it could make a lovely wedding crown, don´t you think? I bet that you can find an opportunity to wear one. enhanced-14010-1435787286-2

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