Teaching does not necessarily have to be boring. And it shouldn´t because kids need to be taught and they need to learn. And they will only trully want to learn if they find the topic interesting. So creativity is very important, when it comes to teaching children. But how can that be attained?

This father knows! Being a designer, he decided that instead of doing boring work stuff he would use his talent and draw something for his son. And he started by drawing animals, first drawing Armadillo, then he continued with B, C, etc. Eventually he made through the entire alphabet. Just look at the amazing pictures below. F for fox, E for elephant, H for hawk, J for jaguar.Awesome, right?

Designer-Draws-One-Animal-Per-Day-for-Newborn-Son3__605 Designer-Draws-One-Animal-Per-Day-for-Newborn-Son1__605 animal-alphabet-illustrations-kyson-dana-12