The Best Beauty Rituals You Should Do

If dermatologists say something, then it definitely has to be truth! Or not? Well, if they say that some beauty rituals work, then they have to be right. I mean, they have experience, they know.

So, if you want your skin to be flawless, then follow these five rules and you will be surprised by the positive effects they will have on your skin!

  1. A good quality sunscreen will protect your skin from getting old fast. It is because most of the damage happens due to UV rays. Do not forget to apply it daily!
  2. Retinoid and vitamin C can actually help change the way your skin behaves! Plus, vitamin C will make it look youthful! You should also remember, that retinoid should be used only during the night.
  3. Use a gentle cleanser.
  4. Use a dermaroller!
  5. One more thing you should know, is that you should not apply all the products at the same time. Let each layer soak into your skin!

The Moon Rising Over LA

Well, you don´t probably see the Moon rising over LA every day, do you? Thanks to these photos you will!

A photographer Dan Marker-Moore took 11 photographies in 28 minutes and with them he created a night-time composite of string of full moons rising, and he also created a time-slice of these photos. Dan is an artist based in LA. He specializes in photography and video.  So, what do you think about his work? Does it not look beautiful? Kind of makes you want to explore LA, or not?moon-rising-timelapse-la-dan-marker-moore-2

Getting Facials For The First Time

Have you ever had facial? Well, do you know what a facial is? I bet that you know, I mean, it is a basic thing that everyone should be familiar with. At least every woman should be familiar with. Because let´s be honest, there is not a woman that has never been to a beautician. Or is there?

Well, apparently, there are people who have never had facial in their entire life. But they are willing to try it for the first time and they want you to see how it went! So thanks to them, you can see it in the vieo below. Enjoy!


These Facial Hair Facts Are Awesome!

Men will probably understand all the fuss around the facial hair. I mean, it is their thing. And women do not really have that much to do with it. Well, some perhaps, but that is not what I want to talk about. Facial hair is something that men are proud of. Well, when it grows. Are they not? And women love men with beards too, don´t they? There simply is something about it.

In fact, facial hair is fascinating. And you will think that too after you watch this video of some awesome facts about facial hair! Enjoy!

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